We are a full-service production company and creative house based in Los Angeles.

We believe in the incredible power of story and its ability to immerse viewers in the unique world of a brand.


Combining iconic visuals and the perfect music, we create lasting emotional connections. This is the driving force behind our work.

Every person has a past, every great oak, a humble beginning. There is even beauty in the shadows if you're looking. We live to capture it.

With deep roots in the outdoor industry, Mike's unadulterated passion for adventure and extensive knowledge of production makes him a force to be reckoned with in the world of branded content.

A passion for memorable and immersive images is what drives Jeff. His abillity to find the beauty in everything permeates his work.

He believes in branded experiences over a traditional commercial platform and is always discovering new ways to challenge convention.

Mike nussbaum

Jeff Blank


Creative Director